Sunday, August 17, 2008


I decided that since I had accomplished so much by pretty much working non-stop for almost a month, I was going to take a break for a bit. So, I have not worked on my procedural planet for this past week. Of course, I could never really break myself away from it, so I have been reading books and websites to research the next phase. I even put together an HLSL project to do some experimentation. So, don't worry, progress is still being made, just at a much slower rate now. I'm guessing I will start working on it again this week. After I get my new laptop (sometime after the 28th) I'm hoping to really pick up the pace again. Although, I do have a word of warning: I may get distracted with DirectX 10 and Geometry Shaders. We shall see. (Not to mention that Too Human comes out on Tuesday, Tales of Vesperia next week, Infinite Undiscovery the week after, and Spore the week after that! Too many good games coming out so soon.)

Until next time.

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