Thursday, August 7, 2008

To-Do List

Here is a list of things that I want to get working before I create the next video:

- Fix disappearing terrain
- Make each level move at it's own step size (right now they all move at the smallest step size)
- Fix gaps between changing detail levels (you can see the gaps in the last screenshot I posted)

As for the disappearing terrain, in my previous post you will see that I've narrowed the problem down to the angle calculation. I've read the documentation on acos() and it says that NaN is returned as a result if the input parameter is < -1 or > +1. I'm passing in the dot product of what should be two normal vectors, thus the input should never exceed 1. Apparently I'm not sending in true normal vectors, so I'm going to add more normalization calculations, just to make sure they are coming out normal. That should remove the NaN results, but hopefully it fixes the Pi results as well. (I'm crossing my fingers tightly.)

I'll give it a try when I get home.

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