Sunday, March 30, 2014

Game A Week - #4 - Long Jump

Play the game here!

I wanted to have an even more physics heavy game, one that used joints and compound shapes, so I decided to make a vehicle building long jump game.  I created the base project along with a very long ground object and a wall to prevent travel to the left.  I added in a simple box that would move based upon forces given to it via keypresses.  I created a FollowObject component that lets the Camera follow the box around.  I built a simple ramp, added in distance indicators (current and max) and had the input disable after the box went off the ramp.  I was surprised by how fun it already was to play; just flinging a box off of a ramp.

I started working on adding joints, but it immediately became clear that I needed to separate out my RigidBody components from their Collider components, which I did.  I then realized that I needed to implement some sort of parent/child hierarchy in order to get compound shapes working correctly.  This was quite a bit of refactoring work.

I added in a quick and simple set of marker bars that indicate every 10 meters in order to help give a sense of motion and distance.

I got really sick and didn't work on anything.

I was still recovering from my sickness.

I did no work on the game.

I did no work on the game.

I added in a RevoluteJoint component and hooked up two CircleColliders as simple wheels.  I pushed the left wall out more to give the player more room to gain speed before hitting the ramp.

Play the game here!

Final Thoughts
Due to my sickness and other things in life, I lost several days to be able to work on the game.  I had planned for a lot more features since I had the entire week off of work, but alas it was not to be.

My major planned feature was to allow the player to construct their own vehicle with various parts available such as wheels, rockets, etc.

I was impressed by how fun the game was even in the early stages.  I believe this is a really fun concept that needs to be expanded upon in the future.

Considering I'm starting a new job this next week, I may skip on doing a Game A Week challenge.

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