Thursday, June 28, 2012

Unity GPU Noise 1.0 Released!

GPU Noise has finally been released on the Unity Asset Store!  Check it out here!

As you can tell from all of the past posts, this has been a long road.  It's still not perfect though.  It works great on Windows, but the reviewers let me know that it has some issues on Macs.  I borrowed my friend's Mac for a little bit and found out that the issue is most likely due to the cross compiler that Unity uses to convert Cg code into GLSL. (It was creating multiple variables with the same name.)

I decided to directly port the Cg code to GLSL, but it's been a rough process since the Windows version of Unity doesn't compile GLSL at all.  This means that you don't get any errors or feedback at all to let you know if you wrote some code incorrectly.  I had to write code, deploy to my Android phone, see if it works, and repeat.  Over and over and over.  Painful.  I'm thinking about picking up a cheap Mac (gasp!) just to have something that can compile GLSL code and give me feedback.  I'm hoping porting to GLSL fixes the problems on Mac, but I have no way to know for certain until I actually do it.

As usual, I'll be tracking my progress here.

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