Monday, September 12, 2011

Procedural Primitives (Unity Asset Store)

I've released my first package, Procedural Primitives, on the Unity Asset Store. Check it out here.

It's based on the code I wrote to generate primitives in XNA. You can read about that code and download it on my old blog post here.

Basically, it allows you to create your own primitive 3D shapes (planes, cylinders, cones, and boxes) in Unity. Sure, Unity already has all of these as built-in primitives, but you can't change the resolution of these shapes at all. Plus, they provide no ability to create just the Mesh object and not a full GameObject. Procedural Primitives lets you pick the quality you want and gives you the option to create only the Mesh or the a full GameObject containing MeshFilter, MeshRenderer, and Collider components.

Procedural Primitives allows you to create the shapes either in the Unity Editor by way of a custom editor window, or you can call the methods in script.

To create them in the editor, you choose GameObject --> Create Other --> Procedural Primitive from the menu:

A new window will pop up that will allow you to tweak several parameters (depending upon the chosen shape) and then create a new primitive shape.

To create a new shape in script, you simply call one of the static methods on the Primitive class along with the desired parameters:

All money I get from the sales of Procedural Primitives will help fund my purchase of an Android license of Unity.

I'm currently preparing my noise package release. It should be coming out sometime in the next week.

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I'm look for example to make rounded cube.