Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm not yet ready to fully talk about what I'm working on, but I wanted to give a little preview to whet everyone's appetite.

Yep! 3001 boxes in 1 PhysX scene and still maintaining 29.81 frames per second. The really awesome part is the fact that this is all in C#!

I'll talk more about it later.

Until next time...


Hexadecimal said...

Very cool.

BTW, are you as excited as I am for DX11 hardware?

Patrick said...

I'm super excited about DX11 hardware! I can't wait to try out the tessellator or scattered writes in the pixel shader.

I must say that I'm torn though. I usually stick with Nvidia hardware, but it's looking like ATI/AMD will release a DX11 GPU almost 6 months before Nvidia. So do I get the first DX11 GPU available, or do I wait for Nvidia?

Hexadecimal said...

I'm going through that exact dilemma. Six months though? I'll definitely need something before that!

I'll probably get the low/mid-end of whatever is out first, and then get NVIDIA later. :)