Sunday, May 31, 2009

Perlin Noise on the GPU

I've written a tutorial on how to implement Perlin Noise in both a pixel shader and a vertex shader. The tutorial is available over at Ziggyware.

Check it out! I welcome any feedback.

I found out I have won first place in the Ziggyware contest! I'm very happy that my first XNA tutorial was such a success. Perhaps I will write up more in the future.

It appears that Ziggyware no longer exists, so I have shared the article, screenshots, and sample code on my server.  You can download it all here:


Matthew said...

Just curious if you still had this tutorial? Ziggyware doesn't seem to be alive anymore.

Patrick McCarthy said...

I've shared the tutorial on my own server. You can grab it here:

I've also updated the blog post with this info.